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but wait there’s more..


i think the whole world is getting tired of him..

it makes you feel kinda bad for him, he likes his music but people are bullying him about it, what else has he done wrong?

ummm maybe that

a) he said rape happens for a reason

b) he wrote in the guest book at Anne Frank’s house that he ‘wishes she was a belieber’

c) When asked to try being a vegan, he gagged and spit out a vegan steak that had been specially ordered for him

d) he makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live even though he could afford having all the tickets be 50 bucks instead of 100 for mezzanine seats.

is that enough? because to be honest i think his music is ok. i dont hate him for his music or because ‘he sounds girly’. i dislike him because i think he has horrible morals and is able to affect tons of teenage girls and make them think whatever he wants them to, instead of letting them have their own opinion. 

In addition to this, my friend went to a children’s hospital in England and was talking to a nurse who was working there when Justing Bieber visited the hospital. He made them clear an area for him so he didn’t have to wait around near the sick children, he then spent about 5 minutes with them whilst the cameras were on and left without so much as a thank you. Not to mention the fact that he attacked a photographer. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to be an ‘idol’ for young kids

he also peed in a restaurant kitchen

My coworker did security for him once. He faked a really bad asthma attack and made them call the paramedics and then laughed his ass off when they came through the door. His people talked the paramedics into not saying anything bc you can go to jail for that apparently. He also called for a car to take him to the mall and didn’t like the color so he sent it back. And then he went to the mall and stayed 5 minutes before saying it was the shittiest mall he’d ever been in. Also apparently he’s banned from wdw for punching out Goofy.

Cocky little prick

Not only did he me make them pay tons of money for a concert, on a school night, he didn’t even show up until half way through the scheduled time.

He’s also quoted as screaming Fuck Bill Clinton to camera’s and attacked a paparazzo, who is suing. An article I read from last night quoted his mother as hoping he’ll soon ‘mature’.

Dont forget he spat in an old man’s face.

jesus christ it got worse

When he came to Vermont, he was kicked out of every single business he went in.  IHOP, Walmart, Hannafords, everywhere.  He went to the movie theater I worked at and threw a temper tantrum when told he couldn’t bring his subway sandwich into the theater, as it was against the rules.  He then made a HUGE mess of the theater and had to be carried out by his bodyguard kicking and screaming about how we were all worthless monkeys.

This kid is not a nice person.  At all.  That’s why we don’t like him.

Yeah apparently the staff at Disneyworld hates him, as in throws darts at his picture. A friend of a friend works there as a face character and he randomly showed up to Disney unannounced and demanded that the entire Yachtsman Steakhouse be cleared- reservations cancelled and all- so that he could eat there. The staff had to call every single one of the guests to tell them that their reservations they had been planning for months were cancelled and wasn’t allowed to give them an explanation. Disney also decided that it wasn’t fair to their guests and gave them free dinner at another restaurant, which obviously lost them a lot of money and business for that night.

So after personally shutting down the restaurant, Beiber comes down in nothing but a bath robe. Like I’m so sorry Biebs was it just too hard to put on pants and act like a respectable human being? That wasn’t very “swaggie” of you…

fame is getting to this kids head. That’s why I don’t like him, not just because I don’t like his music or his voice, he’s a jerk.

Anyone else read about how he spat at fans faces recently from the balcony of his hotel?

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Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

I absolutely needed to read that.

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sometimes i swear people forget celebrities are living, breathing humans and aren’t just shiny things we can admire and then destroy when they make a mistake

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You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

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